Lifted Search is now a Google Partner

Lifted Search is Now an Official Certified Google Partner!

We’re excited to announce that Lifted Search is now an Official Certified Google Adwords Partner!   To become a Google Partner requires an advanced knowledge and understanding of Google Adwords. The certification requires having to pass two very challenging Google Adwords exams and demonstrate proof of managing high performing campaigns within Google Adwords. Our team […]

Search engine trends

24 SEO Statistics You Can’t Ignore

Here are some interesting stats about the state of search engines and organic search vs paid search. Some compelling data for any marketer. This article first appeared on Search Engine Journal. SEO Content marketing rocks. Marketing Sherpa reports distribution lead to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and a 40% increase in revenue. 70% of […]

Austin TX

We moved!

We’re super excited to call Austin, TX our new home! Of course we’re sad to leave Houston. Lifted Search was born and raised servicing Houston’s awesome business community. And, we’ll miss rubbing shoulders with our good friends. But, nothing’s really changed other than our address. We’ll certainly continue to provide the same level of service […]


How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page

Neil Patel of has created yet another amazing infographic that covers some key factors to optimizing any webpage. Some of these tips pertain to creating “share-worthy” content that attracts natural links on other sites, but most of them are technical tips. Keep these pointers in mind the next time you post to your blog […]

Google authorship change announcement

Google Announces the End of Author Photos & Circle Count

The only thing gauranteed in the world of SEO is there are no guarantees. Google is constantly tweaking and testing and updating, and the latest change comes as quite the shocker. Last week Google’s John Mueller made the announcement that Google will no longer be displaying profile photos as part of authorship in search results. […]

Updated adwords ad rank calculation video

Google Updates its AdWords Auction & Ad Rank Video

A little while ago, back in October 2013, Google changed its AdWords Ad Rank calculation to start factoring in ad extensions and formats. And, just this last week they finally updated the accompanying video addressing the changes. If you’re new to PPC, Ad Rank is the primary way Google differentiates the order in which to […]